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NDE ELEMENTARY PARENTS We have some changes to the schedule this upcoming week...Due to the weather forecast for tomorrow, we are moving the Fun Day to Tuesday. This means Dress Down will be on Tuesday, not tomorrow. So students should wear their uniforms tomorrow but may dress down for the Fun Day on Tuesday.Attention Kindergarten Parents!!Kindergarten Graduation will still be Tuesday morning at 9:30 and will be livestreamed. Parents may still join us after the ceremony for pictures...Hughes at 10:15 and Burke at 10:45 but we will changing the location for the pictures with your kiddos. We will be unable to use the field area because of the Fun Day Inflatables. We are working on a new area for you to meet up with your graduates and take pictures...I will keep you posted.The kindergarten students were supposed to wear their Tie Dye Shirts tomorrow for Fun Day...instead, please send the tie dye shirts with your child on Tuesday. They will wear uniforms for the graduation and then we will have them put on their tie dye shirts after graduation.I'm so sorry for all of the confusion but we really had no choice but to change the Fun Day or there is a great possibility we would be rained out...unfortunately by making the switch, it complicates other things but we are trying our best to make it all work out so we thank you for your patience and understanding!Also note..there will be a 1:00 early dismissal on Thursday, which is our last day of school. ...
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