Stacie Staker, a lifelong member of the Portsmouth community, has been selected as the Notre Dame Schools’ Development Director and began in her new role May 28.  Stacie brings a career-full of skills to the position that places her in the lead roll to manage the link between our successes at the Notre Dame Schools and all the people who are interested in knowing how we achieve our mission to develop our students in stewardship, leadership, scholarship, and citizenship in accordance with God’s teachings.

Stacie has management experience in marketing, event planning, and networking as well as a demonstrated ability to set and meet professional goals.  Stacie graduated with an honors degree from the University of Cincinnati and most recently served as the Director of Marketing for the Schmidt Family Restaurant Group.

Stacie met with the Board of Trustees at their May 21 meeting and stated, ” I am very pleased and honored to be a part of the Notre Dame Family.  Our community is small but the pride, traditions and love for Notre Dame is massive and heartfelt.  I’m committed to working hard in supporting those who have created legacy opportunities for future generations of alumni.”

Please look for an opportunity to meet Stacie and welcome her to the Titan Family!