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Welcoming Jesus into Our Catholic Schools as King, Savior, and Friend, through the enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is a conscious decision to place Jesus at the center of our lives and schools. This devotion is unique because it has been spoken about in papal letters and is centered on the love of Jesus Christ.

Notre Dame welcomes students of all faiths interested in receiving a Catholic education. Each day begins with prayer and students gather for Mass regularly. Students in grades K-12 have daily and/or weekly Religion classes. We welcome students of all faiths and beliefs. A campus minister and/or priest is always available.

Masses take place at Holy Redeemer Church, adjacent to the grade school, and in the high school chapel and gym. Occasionally students in all grades (K-12) attend Mass together. Families are also invited and encouraged to attend. Notre Dame accepts students of all faiths and backgrounds and provides all who enter our halls the opportunity to know Jesus. 
As part of the Diocese of Columbus, Notre Dame adheres to their boundary system. And, as the only member school in Southern Ohio, Notre Dame is in a position to accept kids from multiple counties including Scioto & Pike.
The boundary system, while unique among Catholic dioceses in the United States, remains one of the greatest attributes of the Diocese of Columbus.

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