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As a member school of the Diocese of Columbus, OH, Notre Dame offers parents and students daily opportunities to encounter Christ. With exceptional academics, service, and a protective environment, our students learn what it means to be a child of God.  

Philosophy of Catholic Schools
Catholic schools reflect the importance of integrating the Catholic faith with the educational process; therefore, the Church sponsors and supports schools as the major vehicle for pursuing its ministry of teaching, handed to us by Jesus in the Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20). 

In order for the Church to carry out the goals of this ministry, the Catholic bishops of the United States have established principles that serve as the foundation from which Catholic education flows and which our schools are committed to pursue:

Communicating the Gospel message of Jesus
Building and modeling a community of faith
Orienting students to the obligation and experience of service
Providing students with the opportunity for growth through worship
Though Catholic theology recognizes parents as being primarily responsible for the education of their children, achievement of these principles is shared and collaboratively pursued by faculty members, the parish, and the Diocese.

The hallmarks of Catholic schooling are Catholic identity and Catholic culture.  A thriving Catholic culture takes time and intentionality.  A culture that exists with people and processes that adhere to the Gospel message, provide time for worship, and is based on service is what makes Catholic schools different.  It is being intentional about this difference that helps to form students into disciples and builders of the Kingdom here on earth - the goal of Catholic education.

The Catholic schools of the Diocese of Columbus are also committed to creating and maintaining an academic climate which provides students the best opportunity to become productive, contributing citizens of their world.  Equally important, the schools are sensitive to the uniqueness of each student and foster the giftedness of the individual.

The Office of Catholic Schools
The Diocese of Columbus provides the Office of Catholic Schools to support its ministry of education.  

Mission Statement - OCS
We are called to serve the Catholic community in the shared ministry of education, through mission, academic excellence, leadership, governance, financial viability, and advocacy, to form disciples who live fully the message of Jesus Christ.

Services Provided by OCS
To assist leaders in the development of Christ-centered faith communities
in our schools within a Catholic culture.

To work with schools to steward financial resources and maintain efficiency with
school expenditures, and also to monitor the compliance with government regulations.

To provide information and guidance to the leadership of Catholic schools
and parish communities as they plan for their educational future.

To help schools connect with their communities, share the stories of their success,
and boldly plan for the future. 
To direct the leadership team of each school in the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association process as required by the Ohio Department of Education.
To sponsor and encourage initiatives which enhance effective leadership for Catholic schools.
To assist school leaders by directing the development and implementation of curriculum benchmarks and instructional methods which promote the success of all learners.
To provide services to the leadership which supports educators in meeting state and diocesan professional requirements.
To assist the leadership of schools in utilizing data-driven and research-based
assessment that supports student learning.

Scioto Catholic

One Family, four parishes.

Holy Redeemer serves as the key place of worship for the students of The Notre Dame Schools.

Lead by Father Beal, the Church allows all students, Catholic, or not, an opportunity to work on their spirituality and faith. 

Image by Josh Applegate

Diocese of Columbus

As a member school of the Diocese of Columbus, OH, lead by Bishop Earl Fernandes, The Notre Dame Schools has a deep and rich tradition of spreading the Joy of the Gospel throughout southern Ohio along with a top-rated traditional education. 

Image by Brandon Morgan
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