Notre Dame High School and Elementary Tuition Schedule 2021-2022


Payments can be made by month, quarter, semester or in one lump sum. If paying by the month, tuition is split into ten equal payments beginning in August and the nine following months. Each family will designate their intended payment plan on the tuition payment preference form from the facts management company.

The difference in Parish and Non-Parish registered fees is not for the purpose of discouraging enrollment of non-parishioners. Each Parish is paying to offset the cost between tuition and the actual cost of education our children for those who are registered Catholic parishes. This fee partially equalizes the disparity. Parents who are registered in one of the Catholic Parishes in Scioto County must have a form signed by their Pastor in order to pay Parish rate for any given school year.

In any instance where the student must be involuntarily withdrawn because of transfer of parents, tuition paid ahead will be refunded on a pro-rated basis, after any outstanding fees are deducted. If the student is expelled, or voluntarily withdrawn by parents, tuition paid ahead is not refundable.